The Most Popular Bets Today


Online betting is a growing phenomenon, and for obvious reasons. You now have the ability to make wagers on nearly anything, anywhere on the globe. Most who make wagers understand how much more exciting they can make anything, from the most popular soccer games to actually obscure events. An agen SBOBET, for example, can help you gain access to hundreds of excellent opportunities. But what are the most popular betting events in today’s world?

Football (or Soccer for the Americans) is by far and away the most popular. This makes sense as it is the most popular sport in the world. It’s estimated around 3.5 billion people can be considered fans. It stands to reason a game so much more popular than everything else would take the gold in this competition.

Cricket is surprisingly second. The British Empire really did more than make English a dominant language it seems. I’ve never understood Cricket, and I understand the fans even less, but it appears they are always up for a good wager.

The third is Basketball. This is also surprising since this sport is almost exclusively popular in America and a few pockets of Asia. There is a large betting subculture surrounds basketball in America – especially the college games. I know when I worked for an ad agency they would be a betting pool every year for the March Madness games. I watched girls with no previous interest in the sport all year turn into raving fans.

Hockey rounds out this list at number four. I know four is a weird place to stop – but the following sports don’t really compete well with this top list. Hockey is dominant in Russia and Canada and has a strong showing in America as well.

Get into contact with an agen SBOBET, and you’ll see why so many love to place bets on their favorite games. It’s just something in our nature that wants us to have a little something on the line.