The Best So Bad That They’re Good Movies

Sometimes a film transcends its genre and becomes a great comedy, even if that wasn’t the intention. These films are the perfect way to remind yourself that you may not be great at everything, but at least you never made The Room. If you’re looking for some ‘so bad that they’re good’ movies to watch on 123movies, these are the best picks.

As previously mentioned, The Room is the perfect example of what it means to be a so bad that it’s good. Terrible direction, writing and acting all play a part in what makes this movie so hilarious. Tommy Wisseau is the director, writer and actor in this movie and it’s clear to see his influence is not a good one. His acting alone is terrible with barely inaudible dialogue and hilarious delivery (“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” anyone?) but his writing is pretty bad too. None of the dialogue feels real and the characters are all so unrealistically evil and creepy that you have to wonder what kind of a world view Tommy has. All in all, this is a great movie to watch with friends.


A lesser known but just as great creator of these type of films is Neil Breen. He follows the Wiseau formula by writing, acting and directing as well, but somehow manages to be even more unintentionally hilarious than Tommy.  The definite stand out in his library of work is Fateful Findings. Drinking games have been created around this movie and with good reason. If you had to take a sip of beer each time he breaks a laptop in one of his movies in the most ridiculous way, you’d die. Watch Fateful Findings with friends for the best experience on 123movies.